Saturday, 29 September 2012

September ride, nice to be out again

Thanks to Michael Tuffsohn for lending me his folding bike, yep I was out and about on Critical Mass Bristol again last night, and mighty good it felt too. We got about thirty people out I would say, which is pretty good for Bristol. It was the usual thing, cycle around the city occupying road space, just to make a point. If motorists get frustrated, that's their problem, most of them are okay of course but it's, rather predictably, the more macho, probably anti-cyclist motorists who seem to have a problem. Stuff them, they have the rule of the roost the rest of the time it seems, and its that which makes cycling in Bristol rather precarious to say the least. We are out every last Friday to make a point, which is, cyclists have a right to road space too, and we need more facilities for cyclists, not just the token cycle lanes the council has given us so far. Cycling City? Don't make me laugh, it's anything but.

I can't remember the exact route in sequence last night, but basically it included Redcliffe roundabout, Temple Meads, Bristol Bridge, the city centre, Broadmead, Old Market roundabout, Stokes Croft and a bit of Gloucester Road and finally ending up at the Full Moon for drinkies.

We had the usual idiots trying to force their way through. Most of them we managed to block, but one came perilously close to me on my folding bike, causing me to lose my rag a bit. I called him a 'petrolhead w......', well I think you get the idea. Sadly for him though, he came up against a red light, which meant we quickly caught up with him, and blocked him solidly in retaliation. He took it gently this time until he got a chance to turn off. Lesson learned I think, or maybe not...

I am quite impressed with the Full Moon, very nice pub. All in all, a very nice evening and lots of fun. I look forward to the next one, when I should have my crank fixed and be riding my own bike. But thanks again to Mike for the loan.

Here's some pics of the ride:

See you soon guys, oh by the way, the vid is at the bottom of the blog, just whizz down there with the scroll bar and take a look, or simply click this:

Nice one!

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